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Tianchangshi Tian Hao Electronics Co., Ltd.
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  • Tianchangshi Tian Hao Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Tel:86-0550-2392255
  • Fax:0550-7811216
  • Address:No. 41 Qinguan East Road anhui China/Tian Chang, An Hui

Tianchang Tianhao Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in the township of Anhui Tianchang Chinese electronic products. The company is Anhui Tianfu (Electronic) group's main production enterprises. Plant area of more than 30000 square meters, has a staff of more than 300 people. Tian Hao company specializing in the production of remote control, adapter, enameled wire, mobile power and other products. The main equipment: automatic printing machine, SMT machine, SIEMENS Panasonic machine, reflow lead-free kinto eight temperature zone furnace, kinto AOI optical detector, kinto wave soldering, multi zone automatic code measuring instrument, enamelling machine, the company has five automatic production lines and SMT plug-in production line. A plurality of electronic product line, and enameled wire production line.
Tian Hao has thirty years of professional remote control production history, with an annual output of various types of remote control home appliances is only about ten million, some well-known domestic enterprises group; Tianhao company has import and export right, TTF, ROSE, STARSAT and other brands are exported to remote central Europe, North Africa and the middle East, Latin America and other regions. Tian Hao company attaches great importance to technology development, the Anhui provincial high tech enterprise. The high-end remote control in recent years has developed a self-learning intelligent remote control, smart touch remote control, remote control and other flying squirrels. The flying remote controller with built-in gyroscope, can change the direction and speed of perception, as long as the waving in the air flying remote control, can accurately control electronic products, tablet computer, remote control is high-tech products industry. Tian Hao's products mainly supply the adapter to the set-top box of well-known domestic enterprises. Tian Hao's production of enameled wire to occupy a larger market share in East anhui.
Tian Hao adhere to innovation is the future of the company, always pay attention to technology development and reserves; companies adhering to the "pragmatic philosophy, always adhere to strict implementation of 6S management mode, implement the ISO9002 quality system standards; adhere to the talent is the height of the enterprise, and gradually build a group fighting team of employees; with the adjustment of product structure and to improve the management level, Tian Hao company has created a number of brand-name products, the company has STARSAT and Jin Fuhao is Anhui famous trademark.
Technology is making life more exciting. Tianfu group Tian Hao electronics is with excellent quality, perfect service to meet customer demand at home and abroad.