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What are the power adapter power supply certification

Power adapter power certification, American UL in FCC regulations in Europe: GS CE UK regulations: CE BS Australian Rules: SAA regulation: CCC sundial: PSE

Do a certification needs according to the international standard to do dozens of test: for example, iec60950 is a it test specification, for the power supply, the authentication time is below some of the test: 1, EMC interference and anti interference test, lightning test, static test 2 test security: plug test, drop test resistance high voltage test, normal operating temperature rise test, abnormal temperature rise test, test of the effectiveness of the element, leakage current test, fire test ball pressure test, and so on.

Of course, an examination of safety certification is mainly to consider the safety of goods, but as long as the certification, in a certain extent, it limits the quality of the goods. Therefore, the real certification of goods, in terms of quality is still to ensure that.

Originally, no matter which country's certification, its norms are standardized by the national standard IEC to change over, so the functional aspects of the product is a common. Just not the same country has not the same voltage and plug, but in the IEC specification based on the addition of a number of tests.

The reason for the discrepancy of the quote for the certification of the power supply is in the price of the shell and the cost of the certification. Of course, our offer is not at all cost of certification. So the CE certification and UL have little difference, and we also compared with commercial Shengyuan road to ensure the quality of. It will also offer a slightly higher than some small factories, such as the low price of power, we must ensure the quality.