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Taoyuan, today's home - Jing Ting villa test business

January 8th, is located in the town of gold market town pavilion Village wells Pavilion villa test.

Jin Ji Zhen Jing Ting Cun is Anhui Province beautiful town village demonstration point, there are a group of antique of the Huizhou houses, a rich characteristics of rural leisure square, general Tomb of a long history and a perfect rural road system. Now this modern the Peach Garden has added a landscape of Taoyuan, a well pavilion.

The mountains are not high, with Zhong Ling; Lin is in dense, with Yu xiu. Jing Ting villa nestled in between the forest landscape. By the Tianfu agricultural investment in the construction of Jing Ting hill has catering, tea, fishing, sightseeing, leisure clubs function can be family reunion, friends reminisced, repose fishing, can also be handy to buy organic agricultural products. Pavilion mountain villa is a good experience of the weekend slow life.