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Disassembly of power adapter

Power supply adapter, adapter, 12V3A power adapter, 12v2a power adapter, 5v2a adapter / charger, 12V1A adapter and 12v5a adapter, 19V4.5A notebook computer adapter in our daily use occasionally encounter power adapter, adapter does not work, some users may will buy new, some users may know some knowledge of circuit principle, direct repair, but at present adapter on the market, many of which are fixed screw, instead of using ultrasonic bonding, so the dismantling process difficult dismantling, so tell you a few power adapter dismantling method:

The power adapter upper and lower cover for molding package or adhesive glue, no screws, so the general can only use violence to crack. However, as long as the proper methods, the adapter after dismantling can be fully restored, not carefully observed almost do not see traces of apart.

The lateral sides of the power adapter is placed on a white paper, starting with electrician knife edge along the power adapter cover between the gap, and then tapping the electrician knife with a hammer, the electrician knife from the adapter cover between cut into it. The gap between the adapter cover different position, with the tip of the electrician knife along the slit paddling, when the upper cover and the lower cover, a part of the first after the split, the nose and deep, then slowly separated adapter on the cover.

Then open the shell power adapter, you can see the bread with a copper shielding layer outside the adapter circuit, with a knife cut the shielding layer of the adhesive paper, then the electric soldering iron open shielding layer and an internal circuit board connecting two joints, you can take the shielding layer.

There is a thick layer of hard plastic film between the shielding layer and the circuit board, and then the knife cut, you can see the circuit board of the “ &rdquo the true face of Mount Lu.

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