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2016-01-19Disassembly of power adapter

Power supply adapter, adapter, 12V3A power adapter, 12v2a power adapter, 5v2a adapter / charger, 12V……[More]

2015-12-15How to maintain the power adapter

1, to avoid the humid environment Notebook power adapter use, should pay attention to avoid the hum……[More]

2015-12-07Smart remote control usher in a development opportunity to a

Intelligent remote control is a kind of remote control device that can realize the control of voice,……[More]

2015-11-21Teach you how to match the set top box remote control

1: the set-top box remote and TV remote infrared emission tube on the same line, a distance of not m……[More]

2015-11-13LCD power supply board maintenance experience

1, after the liquid crystal power supply, the auxiliary power supply, the output +5V voltage to the ……[More]

2015-10-15What are the benefits of plastic shell power adapter

A friend may have a lot of doubts about the first contact with the power adapter, for example, what ……[More]

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