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Power knowledge essence: AC regulated power supply classific

To provide a stable AC voltage and frequency of power supply for AC regulated power supply market AC regulated power supply is divided into the following several: First: switch type AC stabilized voltage power supply which is used in high frequency pulse width modulation technology, and the general switch power difference is its output must be with the input end frequency in ibid, the same AC voltage. The output voltage waveform which has quasi square wave, sine wave, ladder wave. On the market of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) removed from the storage battery and charger which is a switch type AC regulated power supply. Voltage switch type AC regulated power supply, power control, easy to realize intelligent, is a very promising AC regulated power supply. But because of the complex circuit, the higher the price, so the promotion. Second: (Xie Zhen) to adjust the parameters of this power supply, the basic principle of the voltage regulator is LC series Xie Zhen, early containing magnetic saturation type power supply regulator belongs to this kind of. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, less components required, wide voltage range, high reliability, anti-jamming and anti overload ability. The disadvantage is the high energy consumption, large noise, heavy and high cost. Third: auto adjustment type (ratio)

3.1, tap change type

The self coupling transformer made of a plurality of fixed tap, the relay or a thyristor (SSR) as the switch control, automatically change the tap position, so as to realize the stability of output voltage. This type of power supply, has the advantages of simple circuit, wide voltage range (130V-280V), high efficiency (≥ 95%), low price. The disadvantage is the low voltage accuracy (± 8 ~ 10%) short working life, it is suitable for the family to the air conditioner power supply.

3.2, high power compensation type — — purification regulator (including precision regulator) of the regulated power supply with compensation link to realize the stability of the output voltage, easy realization of microcomputer control. It has the advantages of good anti-interference performance, high voltage stability (≤ ± 1%), fast response (40 ~ 60ms), simple circuit, reliable work. The disadvantage is that there are low frequency oscillation phenomena with nonlinear load such as computer, program controlled exchange and other nonlinear loads. The input end has a large current distortion degree, the source power factor is low, and the output voltage has a phase shift to the input voltage. Because of the stable pressure, anti - interference, fast response, moderate price and other advantages, the application of a wide range of.

3.3, mechanical pressure type

The servo motor drives the carbon brush to move on the sliding surface of the winding of the self coupling transformer to change the ratio of the output voltage (Vo) to the input voltage (Vi) in order to realize the adjustment and stability of the output voltage of the regulated power supply. Its features are simple structure, low cost, low output waveform distortion. However, due to the sliding of the carbon brush, the contact point is easy to generate electric spark, which causes the brush to be damaged and burnt out, and the voltage regulation speed is slow.