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Tianchangshi Tian Hao Electronics Co., Ltd.
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  • Tianchangshi Tian Hao Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Tel:86-0550-2392255
  • Fax:0550-7811216
  • Address:No. 41 Qinguan East Road anhui China/Tian Chang, An Hui

Tian Hao electronic enterprise culture of Tian Fu Group


Enterprise mission: focus on Electronic Science and technology, enjoy universal

Thirty years of professional manufacturing, for the enterprise staff for the community to add wealth,

Based on the electronic technology forefront, make consumers happy experience rich products fun day

Corporate vision: sustainable innovation, rich in a hundred years

Spirit of continuous innovation, attention of manufacturing capabilities, keen market adaptability, perfect customer service system for Tianfu group of many stakeholders together to create a hundred years enterprise platform.

Business tenet: sincerity to fine, and win-win

Strive for better products, sincere service, mutual trust and mutual benefit, to create value for customers;

Healthy organizational climate, just the incentive system for employees to create value;

Fair competition, open cooperation and leading technology, creating value for the industry;

To environmental protection, resource conservation excellence in practice, in order to continuously enhance the ability to pay taxes, to participate actively in public welfare undertakings, to create value for society.

Enterprise spirit: unity, hard work, innovation, pragmatism

Unity of benevolence: mutual trust and win-win cooperation.

Struggle is courage: the courage to take responsibility, good at winning opportunities, willing to self transcendence.

Innovation is wisdom: the pursuit of scientific research and innovation, and continuously enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Realistic for the letter: integrity and compliance, seeking truth from facts, practical results, due diligence.