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Generally speaking, what devices are commonly used in the po

Power adapter is a small portable electronic devices and electronic power conversion equipment, is generally composed of a casing, a power transformer and a rectification circuit. According to the output types can be divided into the AC output and DC output type; according to the connecting mode can be divided for in wall type and desktop. Extensive support in the telephone composite machine, game machine, language repeater, Walkman, notebook computers, cellular phones, etc. equipment.

In the power adapter has a nameplate marked power, input voltage and current output and other indicators, special attention should be paid to the range of input voltage, which is called the & ldquo; travel power adapter & rdquo; if to the mains voltage only 100V countries. This feature is very useful, some parallel notebook computer is only in the sales of origin, there is no such design, or even only 100V single input voltage, in our country the 220V voltage in will be burned.

The function of the power adapter is to provide the energy needed for the normal operation of the equipment. Power supply to the equipment. Some external some built-in, and the application of equipment and designers.

Use the power adapter can ensure normal, reliable work, also has the protection function, the equipment will not be because of power fluctuation and damage. The use of external power adapter and more flexible, as long as you can reach the requirements of equipment can be used with an adapter.