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How to maintain the power adapter

1, to avoid the humid environment

Notebook power adapter use, should pay attention to avoid the humid environment. Power adapter is the household electricity of 220 V DC change to DC, therefore, must not be placed in damp environment use. Both power adapter will be placed on the table or more, please note that placing cups or wet things around do not, lest adapter water burn.

2, high temperature environment attention to heat

At room temperature in the higher environment, we can put the adapter side, to pay attention to the power adapter cooling. And notebook computers are different, the power adapter is just a sealed precision appliances, unlike the same computer can be carried out by the fan cooling. As the adapter itself is a process of more heat dissipation, if the room temperature is relatively high, it is not enough for the maintenance of the power adapter. Remember not to use the power adapter for a long time, if you have to use for a long time, you need to pay attention to its heat, such as the use of a fan in the side of the auxiliary convection heat. A narrow plastic block or metal block can be arranged between the adapter and the desktop to increase the air convection speed around the adapter, and to speed up the heat of the adapter.

3, the use of models to match the power adapter

As is known to all, notebook power adapter generally consists of two parts, one of which is a power line, and the other end is the power plug, one end can be inserted in the adapter, another part is the adapter body and attached in to a computer data line. If the original notebook adapter is damaged, should be the purchase and use of original model matching products. If the use of cottage similar products, may be short time can be used, but due to the differences in the manufacturing process, long time use will have a greater risk, and even short circuit, burning and other dangerous.

4, reasonable charge

When the notebook computer battery is charging state, it is best not to run large 3D game and other that heavier machine work load of program, lest because power adapter output power surplus caused by insufficient battery charging speed slow or dissatisfied with the charge, power adapter load too heavy etc..

5, thunderstorm weather should stop using

Thunderstorm weather should stop using the power adapter, and put away the proper protection. A lot of people in the habit of thunderstorms in the same power to play computer games, and that the probability of being struck by lightning does not affect. But the reality is, thunderstorm weather is likely to cause indoor voltage instability and adapter just plays a role in regulating voltage, voltage fluctuation is likely adapter caused by short circuit, and is likely to knock on effects to the notebook computer. So, please turn off the computer, put away the power adapter, and put it in a proper place in the dry place.

6, the occurrence of abnormal should be timely to stop using

In the power adapter to make a larger noise or even smoke, it is often damaged or failure, should immediately stop using, after the professional engineer to repair the rear can be put into use again.

7, often wipe and clean the dust

Laptop power adapter maintenance, need to clean up the dust, and gently, to prevent the collision. As has been described previously, the laptop power adapter is a self made electrical appliance with a large amount of heat and good heat dissipation. But due to their own design, a lot of power adapter heat poor. In daily use, dry soft cloth or paper towel should be used to wipe the surface dust, prevent the dust from entering the gap and reduce the heat dissipation performance.