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TV remote control failure of the how to do?

The TV remote control to buy a new TV installed, but not remote control TV, this is what to do?

I believe many of my friends have encountered such a problem, then the next solution is to find the artificial customer service...

In fact, this is just a new TV remote control is not on the code ah! Do not know how to code? Go and see the instructions, ah, there are wood! There will be a remote control on the code steps ah have wood!

Different brand / type of TV set of key code may there will be some differences, then could not be found in the manual, we can go online to check, or direct contact customer service.

In the remote control is lost or once again failure, in fact, we use the TV button can also be carried out on the code operation, oh, and then we introduce how the TV code:

1, turn on the TV, the remote control is on the tv.

2, hold down “ set ” key until the indicator light. (there is a power and set up at the same time press)

3, click “ volume +” key and release, pay attention to whether the TV volume symbol display; if not please repeat this step.

4, until the volume symbol display, immediately click on the “ set ” key, the lights go out.

5, test whether the normal operation of the remote control, if not, repeat steps 2-4.